Thank you Felice Bray.

Felice lives at 322 Hollowood Drive and has been the leader of the neighborhood association for many years. Felice and her late husband, Ralph, were part of the original homeowners that built in this neighborhood in the 1950’s.  At 91 years young, she has decided to step down.  Thank you, Felice, for your tremendous dedication and service to our community!

Journal and Courier Image - Felice Bray
Felice Bray
Journal and Courier image - Felice Bray
Felice Bray

West Lafayette, Indiana

The town of West Lafayette was a merger of three adjacent suburban towns known as Chauncey, Oakwood and Kingston. The original name of the new town was called Chauncey and it formed its own municipal government in 1866. It remained a small town until Purdue University opened in 1869. In 1871 there was a motion to annex the area into Lafayette because it could not provide its own infrastructure. The vote did not pass due to the high costs of the improvements that the town needed.

In May 1888, the elected officials voted to change its name to West Lafayette. By this time, the growth of the university was fueling the growth of the once little town.

In the 2010 census, there were 29,796 people in 11,945 households. In 2013 the city annexed much of Purdue University academic campus and residence halls.

A view from West Lafayette looking east to downtown Lafayette
Loeb Fountain
Harry’s Chocolate Shop
Class of 1939 Water Sculpture
Chauncey (WL) Library
State Street circa 2011



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